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Does not matter if they're BBWs, MILFs or Teens! They must have BIG TITS on them!

2. Movies with Movies! Pics with Pics!

3. Only CLEAN TRADES with AT LEAST 50% to Content!

4. Your site MUST have a visible TOP LIST!
With our site in it!

5. Absolutely NO! NO!:
- NO CP! - NO Besti@lity! - NO Under@ge! - NO Violence! - NO Rape! - NO Illegal Content! -
- NO Pop-Ups! - NO Consoles! - NO Redirects! - NO Dialers! - NO iFrames! -
- NO AutoInstallers! - NO Exploits! - NO AutoBookmarks! - NO Shit At All! -

6. Force SOME HITS to Start The Trade!
Once Approved you will get them back!

7. You MUST provide an ICQ or EMAIL!
If anything GOES WRONG and we're unable to reach you - your site WILL BE DELETED!

PLEASE NOTE: New trades are DISABLED until reviewed!

Violators Will Be Deleted!

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Good Luck!

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    Nick Almaz
    ICQ 160125093
    Site nameBig Tit Dolls
    Site descriptionFree Big Tits Movies

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